Have you ever asked a tree what it thinks of the world?

I like to take a short walk each day to get some fresh air, and there’s one particular tree I always stop and chat to. Literally. I say ‘hello tree how are you today, it’s nice to be out here with you’, and I’ll check out it’s bark and it’s leaves and what little bugs are on it. Then usually I will put my hand on the trunk and close my eyes, and listen to whether she has anything to say in response.

It started because some people have said they can see the energy of trees, which I thought would be pretty cool so I indulged my curiosity, ignored the voice that said ‘you cray-cray’, and embarked on figuring it out. This was probably six months ago and no, I still haven’t figured it out – but I still choose to believe it’s a possibility! What I did re-discover was the connection I’ve always had with trees. The journey of adulthood had science-ified them. They got fancy Latin names and structured ecosystem roles, biodiversity values and resource prices. The part that I forgot was the part that can’t be measured. That they were my first love. That when one was felled it felt like a hole had been ripped in my heart. The connection as two living beings on this planet. It comes from my heart, and I swear that I can feel them.

This particular tree has given me some quite profound moments, so I think of her as very wise. There was a really good one last week when I had a to-do list spin out. My logical brain was trying to regain control with good advice like ‘break it down you don’t have to do all 30 things right this instant’ but the emotions weren’t participating. Around midday I felt such a strong pull to go out to the tree, like a magnet around my waist. I thought I would have to use all my tools and battle out this spin out feeling so I sat down at the base of the tree and wrote a page in my journal before I checked in with her. As soon as I put my hand on the bark though I experienced the miracle of a shift in perception. In my mind I heard ‘let the energy of Love flow through you, and take action from there’. I could see instantly that in the panic I had been operating from a space of fear and that it actually wasn’t real. To act from Love is a powerfully expansive, compassionate heart space. I could see that the answer to my panic was to trust myself, that I’m doing the best I can and that it is enough. Perfect even. I heard what I needed to hear and my anxiety vanished that instant. Thank you tree!!!!

Last Monday she gave me the topic of my blog post. Today, obviously she is the topic of my blog post but when I placed my hand on her trunk I instantly felt the knot of tension in my stomach that was hampering the digestion of my lunch, so I was able to breathe into it and it went away. That happens a lot actually. Then we had a chat about what I needed to do for my blog. Whether it is actually the tree talking or not I don’t care. The subconscious is highly symbolic and I suspect that trees to me represent stillness and connection, enabling my mind to feel safe to creatively provide me with solutions and be very present. Or maybe this is a very wise tree.

There are several morals to this story:

  • We have a much deeper connection to nature than just as our ecosystem, and it serves us to tap back into that. As Earth Warriors this is a critical part of the work we have to do on ourselves so that we can share it and inspire others.
  • Honour your intuition. It knows what you need. If you have a gut feeling, follow it because there’s a good chance it will lead you to an outcome that you couldn’t have imagined.
  • Be your own weird self and you will serve the world in a way that only you can, and bring you so much joy in the process. Indulge your curiosity. The voice that tells you that you can’t is fear and you can choose to tell it kindly but firmly that you’re not listening to it today.
  • Stillness is magic. Your still place to unlock your inner wisdom may not be at a tree but it is a very special thing to find!
  • Listen to the tree; let the energy of Love flow through you, and take action from there.

One last thing. Today on a very warm May day with climate change in the air what the tree said to tell you is:

You are enough. You are doing enough, you are being enough, you are enough.

Make what you will of that, I still have to digest it too!


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