Happy World Oceans Day! (Whenever you’re reading this – every day can be oceans day)

Last year I shared a meditation that I created after tapping on my distress at what is happening to the ocean. You can read about it and listen to the meditation here, it’s just over 23 minutes: A meditation for the ocean

This year I’ve created a much shorter meditation that incorporates ho’oponopono. This is a traditional Hawaiian practice for healing through forgiveness, and it means ‘to make right’†. Perfect for our relationship with the ocean. It is a very simple practice. It involves taking full responsibility for the situation at hand, regardless of how you believe it was caused, then saying:

I’m sorry.

Please forgive me.

Thank you.

I love you.

Short and powerful. This one resonates strongly for me as a healing tool. I actually use it for all sorts of things, including skin rashes! Try it on whatever feels right to you. If you like the sound of it too, have a go at this short meditation. It’s a nice short one at just under 7 minutes.

Play meditation:

Download audio: Ocean healing meditation


† According to this source