Today is Valentines day, and it’s the first one in my 34 years that I’ve actually had a boyfriend. Crazy huh! Not that either of us are into the whole thing. I’m definitely not expecting chocolates. But I know the pain of feeling alone, and even if you try not to pay attention to days like this and it’s not your thing either, your heart can still feel a bit sore.

It can feel similar sometimes in the wide scope of society, that lonely feeling as if you’re not loved and appreciated for your care of the world around you. So today I write you a love note. I love you, and I appreciate you for all that you do, for all that you wish you could do, and especially for all the things that you feel like you messed up or missed out.¬†Whatever your light or darkness, you are not alone.

My dearest Earth Warrior (that’s you),
There is a piece of your heart that I know as well as my own because it is the same piece.
It is the part that feels broken when you see the devastation of the natural world by man.
It is the part that aches with the injustices that are perpetrated on people, plants, animals, and the land.
It is the part that rallies all the cells in your body to get out of bed each day and live your beliefs.
It is the piece that is lit up by nature.
It is the piece that is Nature.
Sometimes, it feels like your weakness because it brings tension and worry and grief; a stone around your neck that weighs you down.
But it is your strength. It calls you to pick yourself up and dust yourself off, and ever act towards the highest good.
Sometimes it feels like it is bigger than the Earth, and sometimes it seems so small that you can’t see it. But the spark never goes out.
I bow to this part of your heart.
I love this part of your heart, and all the rest.


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