If you feel a connection to the Earth, and want to deepen it and improve your ability to care for the life of this planet (including yours!) then you’re in the right place.

There is so much to despair right now, it’s easy to feel powerless. It’s easy to work yourself ragged and become burnt out. It’s easy to become trapped by fear and not realise your dreams.

It’s time to rise. It’s time to power up your life and work. It’s time to step into your Earth Warrior boots and fight FOR a thriving planet and a world that works for all. Here you will find tools and stories, and information on the coaching programs I run to support your journey.

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Group programs & private coaching
for people who want to save the world

Experience the strength and resilience of a warrior
and the radiance and vitality of Nature.
It’s all within you, waiting to be unleashed.

Hi, I’m Kirsty.

I am a coach. I specialise in helping ‘Earth Warriors’ – those of us who feel an inescapable pull to act on behalf of the planet. I help us to overcome personal challenges, find peace, be strong and resilient in the face of global crises, and be powerful forces for positive change.

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Programs and resources

EFT workshop: Gloucester, 23 September

Do you crave inner peace, or even a tiny bit more calm in your life, but find it easier said than done? In this 2 hour interactive workshop you will learn how to apply EFT to any situation you are in that is causing you stress, so that you can start finding that calm! LEARN MORE

Take action to reenergise with
this 30 day group program.
Next round starts 20 Oct 2017.
Email me to register your interest
(more details soon)
Gently dissolve the blocks keeping you from creating the life you want to live through EFT tapping.
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