We carry a lot of emotional baggage right, including our feelings around the damage of the planet’s life-supporting systems. Early this year an image came through my Facebook feed and it triggered deep despair. It was about the Fukushima radiation harming marine life. This thing just added to all the other things that I was carrying around about the ocean and that baggage became too heavy. So I tapped on it.

An interesting thing I find about EFT tapping is that you can never be sure where it will take you. I was just hoping to shift the emotion enough that it wouldn’t physically damage me and I could get on with doing what I had to do. Instead what I got was my inner wisdom, the voice that sometimes I think is Gaia or my guardian angels saying RISE UP. You aren’t powerless here. Then the solution that was offered wasn’t the practical sort that I’m used to and we’ve been socially trained in of picking up rubbish on the beach or anything like that, it was ‘send love’.

Thus begun a project about sending the healing energy of Love to the Ocean from as many people as possible. It was a leap of faith way outside of my comfort zone and once again didn’t quite end up where I thought it would in the beginning, but it taught me so much. If we operate from a feeling of love and connection to ourselves, other people, and in this case the Ocean, the actions we take will be very different to those we take if we’re in a place of fear and lack. I mean think about many of the problems facing the world’s oceans (and therefore facing us) and tell me that fear-borne things like greed, arrogance, and dishonesty playing out in a multitude of forms didn’t play a big part in creating them. I am inspired by these quotes:

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them – Albert Einstein


Be the change you wish to see in the world – Mahatma Gandhi

And in my experience, you think differently when you feel differently, so let’s get some love going on! Start where you have the power to start – with yourself.

Here’s my offering: my very first public guided meditation. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the journey x

PS. To learn how to tap you can book a ‘Wounded Warrior’ session with me (it’s a casual session) or the main resource I can recommend is www.thetappingsolution.com.

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