A miracle of perspective

I experienced a miracle last week.

A miracle is a shift in perception. I had something on at work that I wanted to be at the top of my game for. A meeting bringing together many different parties to discuss a new strategy. As the facilitator I wanted to make that discussion was focused, productive, and positive. Unfortunately though I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I felt exhausted and really stiff all over, to the point where it was distracting me. All I could think about, going round and round in my head was ‘gosh I’m exhausted. Oh I’m so tired. Why am I so tired? How do I get a better nights sleep? How do I fix this? Ergh my back hurts. I’m stiff all over, I’ve been doing so much work on this what else do I have to do…” you get the picture.

Then as I was walking into the office the miracle occurred in the form of a kind thought. It was the realisation that I am more than this thought train. Yes I may be feeling stiff and tired, but it is an equal or greater truth that in this moment I am also the embodiment of Life, I am a divine expression of love, quantum physics tells us that we are actually light and when I close my eyes I can feel the truth of that. I am radiant and vibrant.

Allow the truth of who you are to shine through the situation

I kid you not, as soon at I had that flash realisation the stiffness and tiredness melted. It didn’t go away completely but my mind was free to get in the zone of what I really wanted to be doing and to rock it. I didn’t spend another second thinking about being stiff or tired. I gained perspective.

This ties back to those spiritual laws of what you focus on grows. All week I had been putting energy into ‘oh I feel so stiff and tired’ – I had been feeding it! My mind was exploring it and finding all the ways I was stiff and tired! Even though my questioning was taking responsibility of it and not blaming myself or anyone else for it, and being positive in assuming there was a fix for it that I just hadn’t found yet, I was still wallowing in the space of stiff and tired. The miracle was to start exploring all the ways I was feeling great, to allow them to grow instead.

A friend at work sent me this quote the next day, which couldn’t be more true in this instance!

When you continue to ask the question, you continue to practice the vibration of the question, which is different than the vibration of the answer. But when you quiet your mind, so that you are no longer keeping the question active, then the answer can come to you. Because you are not holding yourself in the tension of the unanswered question.


My hope is that in sharing this experience you may be struck by the same miracle so that you can rock at whatever you’re trying to achieve. The truth of who you are is not the situation you are in at the moment, whatever that may be, or any situations you have been in in the past that you’re still carrying around. The truth is that you are alive, Life flows through you. The same energy that runs through you runs through all things. To me that is the Universe, or God, or Love, whatever you want to call it but it’s in you always and can be accessed always when we choose to shift our mind to that place.

Failing a miracle, you can get to this place any time you like by practicing mindfulness! Hooray! I especially like meditation, but mindfulness can be practiced doing whatever you are doing in the day. All it requires is that you be in the moment. You acknowledge that yes you may be feeling shitty but also you feel the air entering your nose and filling your lungs, you feel your heart beating, you feel the sensation of your clothes and the weight of your feet on the Earth. You feel energy pulsing through your body. You allow the light to come in and you connect to that deeper truth of who you are. It’s simple but not always easy, and practicing when you do feel good really helps.

If you’re looking for guidance on how to practice mindfulness you can’t go past the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh. You can also check in with yourself: what do you love doing to the point where when you do it you are totally in your flow? Where you are so in your body and absorbed with your task that you don’t even notice time passing. This is a form of mindfulness, so check in with that feeling and ask yourself how you can carry it with you for more of the time!

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