Cleanse & Connect

You need energy to save the world.
Don’t have it? Take action now:

28 days to cleanse the body and mind

28 days to connect to your vitality

Your first step to empowering the warrior within

 –  All online  –  Flexible participation  –
–  Ongoing access to the materials  –  Free participation in future rounds  –
–  Support and motivation via private Facebook group and emails  –
+  BONUS THIS ROUND, FREE half hour 1-1 private support session by phone or skype  +

Weekly focus areas:
Week 1. Foundations for a clear body and mind
Week 2. Nutrition by Nature
Week 3. Supercharge your R&R
Week 4. Energy and emotions

Next round to be announced
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100% money back guarantee if you decide within 7 days of purchase that it’s not right for you.

Do you have the energy you want?

We all need energy. The quality of our projects, relationships, careers and general wellbeing relies on it. My framework for feeling energised is:

  • Choose energy: take ownership of your energy levels
  • Plug your energy leaks: what is draining you, physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually?
  • Turn on the tap: access your natural, sustainable energy source
It’s all very well to know the theory, but putting it into action is something else!

If you’re ready to take action and you want to experience energised, then this program is for you. You will be guided and supported through taking action. Be part of a like-minded group and gain motivation from all taking action together.

You will be able to share lessons learnt, ask for tips and feel the support of the whole group in the private Facebook group. There will also be weekly Facebook live Q&A sessions to go deeper on any questions.

Receive emails throughout the program to keep you on track.

Access the online membership portal which contains a growing amount of videos, audios, worksheets and activities designed to help you take action. When you sign up you will have lifetime access to this portal.

Included as a bonus in this round is a half hour one on one private coaching session. You will be able to redeem it at any available time during the 28 days – there will be an online booking form showing available times in the members area once you sign up

If you want to dive deeper and experience a real transformation, you will receive a discount to the value of what you paid for Cleanse and Connect off the cost of my six month one on one coaching program! Contact me to organise a time to chat if you’re interested in this one.

Wanna be an Earth Warrior?

Are you someone who strives for sustainability, for protecting and healing the environment?

You’ve got your enviro degree or your trade certificate, you’ve taken the short courses, read the books, watched the films, done the research. You love spending time in Nature so you have good old life experience too. Maybe you work in this space, quietly live it, or loudly preach it. You know what actions we need to take as a species to clean up our mess and make sure this planet is life-supporting.

What you don’t learn is how to sustain yourself.

When you care about the Earth, it is a tough time to be alive. Rates of pollution, deforestation, desertification, and extinction are ridiculous. Watching the nightly news can send chills down your spine – just from the weather report. Don’t watch the politics, you may never get out from under the bed again. Funding for our projects gets slashed, the system is designed to be broken. We want to create a world of peace, but we feel fear, despair, anger and loneliness. We feel exhausted.

Consider this level one of your training, Warrior.

An Earth Warrior makes sure they are in peak mental and physical condition to do their work to the best of their abilities, and navigate challenges with ease. An Earth Warrior knows that the only way to create a world of peace is to bring it themselves. An Earth Warrior fights for a world that works for all, using their own creativity and unique gifts. An Earth Warrior knows that fear is the real battleground, and courageously enters into dialogue with their own fears so that they can loosen the grip of it on others. They work collaboratively and intuitively, this is the calling of their spirit.

In other words, part of being a powerful Earth Warrior is taking great care of yourself!

Cleanse & Connect is designed to get you going, creating daily habits that work for you. It provides the foundations that you can keep coming back to and building on. The beauty of the whole thing is that the indicator of success is whether or not you feel good. So let’s feel great! Remember, when you feel this way you have the energy to nourish all aspects of your life, the Earth Warrior parts and everything else.

There’s no magic pill, to feel the way you want to feel in life you have to take action – small steps every day. So whether this is a new journey for you or whether you just want a bit of spit and polish, find the motivation and support you need by joining my 28 day Cleanse and Connect program.

It’s time to take care of ourselves the way we take care of the Earth

About the program

Weekly focus areas:

The program starts with establishing the foundations for your energy levels. This week has a real mind-body cleansing focus.

+ Set goals that will work for you, and get support around them

+ Focus on daily habits like getting enough sleep, and moving your body

+ Start reducing, or eliminate, ‘artificial’ energy sources like sugar and caffeine

+ Observe your eating habits. For the deep dive start eating clean now

You can pick just one thing that you want to work on, or do the lot. You may also choose for this to remain your focus for the entire 28 days.

Our second week has a focus on food. Nature knows best! This week we are eating clean, focusing on adding delicious whole foods. When we do this we allow our body to carry our all its natural functions, including cleansing and energising.

+ Add in nutrient-dense foods

+ Stay hydrated!

+ Further reduce or eliminate ‘artificial’ energy sources

+ Optional: eliminate other unsupportive foods from your diet

You can choose to eat this way for the whole challenge, or just for the week. You can dip a toe in the water by looking at how you can make one meal more nutrient-dense, or go the whole hog and eat organic wholefoods only!

For this round week 3 falls over the Easter long weekend, so we’ll be getting ready to take time out that recharges our batteries in a way that lasts.

+ Connect with what energises you

+ Mindfulness and meditation practices

+ Optional: continue to practice good habits from weeks 1 and 2

The focus this week will be on rest and play, so if you want to book a holiday, go for it!

Learning how to maturely interpret, process and release our emotions is a major warrior skill. This week will focus on the emotional side of the equation so that you can bed down the great work you have done in weeks 1, 2 and 3, to last you until the next round in about 6 months time!

+ Using your emotions as an ally

+ Handling resistance

+ Releasing limiting beliefs

+ Optional: continue with habits built in weeks 1, 2 and/or 3

Your guide

Hi, I’m Kirsty. I was powering in my job as an environmental educator… or so I thought. My work was being fuelled by adrenaline. I hadn’t achieved as much as I’d hoped, so I continuously pushed harder, and was hard on myself about it. I ended up in total burnout, having to painfully unravel and heal the impact this had on my wellbeing.

It’s easy for the stress and pressure of being an engaged, enviro-caring person, on top of day to day busyness, to take a toll on our body, and we can find ourselves spiraling as it affects our energy, motivation, and mental clarity. It can feel like too much of a bother to take proper care of ourselves with all this going on… until it forces your hand. This was the case for me, and with hindsight I see how things could have been very different.

I’m teaching what I wish I knew a few years ago. The Earth can’t afford for her healers to crumble. She needs us to rise up.

What I have learnt is that taking care of ourselves is a radical act of love for the planet and our fellow beings. We can show up with more energy and drive, and do the work that needs to be done in the way it needs to be done: with calmness, care, collaboration, compassion, courage and creativity.

Your soul is calling you to do this work. Your choice is how much you let it bring you joy or burnout.


“Cleanse & Connect met my expectations and more, I was able to cleanse to my own level & did not feel guilty, with what I didn’t manage to do. As I still felt I was learning, growing & making changes for my better.” Meg, Cleanse & Connect 2016

“The last few weeks have reminded me I am still a work in progress and the lower points have reminded me of mindfulness and lightness. The higher points have reminded me this (good) “stuff” works and of the choice to persist and be present. What you [Kirsty] give is authentic, from your heart and very beautiful.” Graham, Cleanse & Connect 2015

“Kirsty gave me some easy-to-use tools that helped enormously. My resilience improved and my mental health improved. I learnt to breathe better, think better and act better. If you enter with a mind open to possibilities, open to change, you’ll get more out of it. Be prepared to look deep, you may just happen to like what you find.” Thomas, private coaching client 2016

 –  All online  –  Flexible participation  –
–  Ongoing access to the materials  –  Free participation in future rounds  –
–  Support and motivation via private Facebook group and emails  –
+  BONUS THIS ROUND, FREE half hour 1-1 private support session by phone or skype  +

Weekly focus areas:
Week 1. Foundations for a clear body and mind
Week 2. Nutrition by Nature
Week 3. Supercharge your R&R
Week 4. Energy and emotions

Next round to be announced

100% money back guarantee if you decide within 7 days of purchase that it’s not right for you.

Not just your average spring clean

There are lots of cleanses and kickstart programs out there, so it’s important to find the one that’s right for you. Cleanse and Connect brings in soul

Being an Earth Warrior is a soul calling, so let’s cleanse the body and the mind and hear what your soul has to say!

Here’s the secret: 

You have the power. Every single thing you need is within you. It’s time to stop running. It’s time to stop looking for the answer in some external thing or in someone else. Your soul already knows. Your soul has always known. It just needs you to listen. That life you want? It’s in your hands. That better world? It’s yours to create. It all starts with you. Nourish you, care for you, be honest, listen, honour your intuition. Fill yourself up with so much love that it can’t help but overflow. Your health, your relationships, your work, your world, all start with you.

It’s easier to hear our soul’s voice when our body and our mind are clear. Take that step for yourself, and sign up to Cleanse and Connect!
Nothing changes if nothing changes

Is there something about the way you look after yourself that you’ve been meaning to change? From the outside it can look hard, and we’re busy, so we procrastinate and wait for an opening, for some external sign – well here it is. Here’s your sign. It’s time to take care of yourself! We say “I’ll do it when…” guess what, ‘when’ has arrived, because the Earth needs people who are energised and clear headed now more than ever.

It’s like the Chinese proverb: “the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the second best time is now”. You can start planting your Warrior habits now. Your wellbeing will get some rewards straight away, and the harvest will grow greater over the years, not just for the Earth but also your health, relationships and career.

Cleanse and Connect will kickstart this journey for you. The first step is the click of a button, then let the program guide you!


As with any lifestyle changes there can be an adjustment period where we figure out the most efficient way to do something, and that takes time. You will achieve the most from this program if you can make time for it, at least half an hour per day as a gift to yourself. At the end of the day, what priority are you giving to looking after and energising yourself in the scheme of everything else you have going on? Remember, nothing changes if nothing changes. Also, please remember that you have ongoing access to the material and free access to future rounds, so you don’t have to do it all now. Take bite-sized chunks that work for you.

Important note: if you are really really stressed at the moment this may not be the best time for you to do a program like this. I want to teach you how build resilience to stressful times but if you are in the heart of the fire of it you may need some more personal assistance either through my one on one program or other professional such as a therapist. Please email me if you’d like to know more.

No. We will have a focus on real, whole foods, eating in a way that you could continue indefinitely if you find it works for your body. A detox is a time limited thing focusing on removing toxins from your body. This program is compatible with detox programs, should you feel you need a flush. I recommend talking with a naturopath or integrative doctor about where to start. Each person has particular requirements and you can get quite sick if you don’t do it right (I know that one from experience!).

That said, if you currently eat a lot of processed food or caffeine, sugar, alcohol, wheat or dairy you may experience detox symptoms such as headaches and lethargy, especially if you go cold turkey. They usually only last a few days to a week, and I will give you some tips on how to help your body in this time. If you have any concerns check in with your naturopath or integrative GP.

Not at all. In fact, that’s great! Module 3 ‘Supercharge your R&R’ falls over the long weekend. You will receive the materials on the Tuesday prior so you can put them into action while you’re away!

Our focus is on adding in nutrient dense food in the best way that works for you. This is a judgement free zone, we’re all going to stick to our own ethical standards and body wisdom. This is an opportunity to experiment with new ways of eating if that is something of interest to you. I encourage local, seasonal, organic eating wherever possible. You will receive some recipes but not a meal plan. At the end of the day you are the one doing the shopping and choosing what to put in your body.

I look forward to Cleansing and Connecting with you!
If you have more questions, send them through to
Cleanse and connect runs approximately every six months. If you are interested but now is not the time for you, sign up to my newsletter to be notified of when the next one will run.
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