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Use tapping to move through emotional, mental, or physical distress. Tapping, also known as emotional freedom technique (EFT), is a gentle process which combines the principles of acupuncture and psychology. Learn more about it here.


Your tapping session is one hour, and can be conducted via phone, Skype, or in person (at Old Bar NSW). Please indicate which you would prefer when you book. In your first session I will teach you EFT if you have never used it before, then guide you through the process of applying it to your most pressing issue. In subsequent sessions I will coach you on the process and help you work through core issues that are blocking you from living life the way you want. Please be aware when scheduling that although all efforts will be made to stick to time, your session may run over if the issue we’re working on hasn’t been sufficiently processed.

Your first session is $120
Subsequent sessions are $95

Terms & Conditions

Money back guarantee: if you experience no benefit in your first session I will give you a full refund. For subsequent sessions no refund will be offered because you will already know whether or not it works for you!

Cancelled appointments: If something comes up and you need to change your appointment time please contact me directly at hello@kirstyhughes.com. Please provide at least 24 hours notice.

Important note: As an EFT practitioner I will be guiding you to apply the tool of EFT tapping to the issue of your choice. I am not trained as a doctor or psychologist so seek their expertise as you feel appropriate for your case. If you are likely to harm yourself or others when emotionally triggered please seek instead the help of a mental health professional trained in EFT. Contact me if you would like a referral.

Booking your session constitutes your agreement to these terms.


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